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The Band

It all happened one cold and rainy night in a galaxy far far away in a picturesque log cabin on the hill within a seedy French brothel while playing a life or death game of Candyland. With the North Star jim-beaming above, and three obnoxious ZZ Top looking wise men at the door, there came a large earth shattering crash! To this day, we’re not sure what that crash was, but let me continue…

As we put away the Candyland game, put on some pre-tattooed Brittney, and settled into a long relaxing night of shear terror and confusion, a group of friends I like to refer to as ‘a group of friends’ sat around a warm campfire and discussed how we could perhaps save the world. After a lovely impromptu chorus of ‘We Are The World’, we decided to form a band. Not just any ordinary polka band, but a band that would bring joy and disgust to the masses.

We said to ourselves “Ourselves, hey…lets invent a Vegas-a-Billy band that will not only scare the crap out of ourselves, but others too!”. And so this idea begot another, and then Slim begot Tim, as Tim then begot Anthony, as Slim begot Bryan, and Mary begot Roy, and once we were through begoting, there was again a large and booming crash! Still not sure what that was, but stay with me… Suddenly, with tears in our eyes (after having enchiladas for dinner earlier), we all agreed that we were now on a mission.

Our mission – to spread rockabilly Vegas lounge inspired rock music throughout the world. And immediately have people clean it up! Inspiration struck on that very night in the form of the latest American Idol results. Big Fat Slim stood up and said ‘Hey!’. Enough said. Our course was set, and destiny before us as we decided to start work on both cover and original songs. The cover songs, a mix of hits from the last 50 years completely distorted, rocked up, and injected with supersnazz. Fun music that would cause hotties to shake their junk in front of the stage.

And so kids, Big Fat Slim and the Has-Been’s was born. A new generation of swank super humans engineered and designed to senselessly annihilate the minds of every innocent venue or crowd in it’s path. A musical monster to be unleashed upon unsuspecting music fans most deserving of a ‘fun’ band, counter to the countless bla-zay shoegazing emo popsters on the scene. And a band created to stand the test of time and leave their soiled mark upon mankind.

Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you…and please take them…Big Fat Slim and the Has-Been’s!!!!!